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PHAME's Wish List - current as of January 21, 2014

For the Visual Arts, Dance, Theatre and Writing programs:

  1. 18-20 sturdy paper portfolios for storing artwork
  2. Large reversible dry erase board on casters (Example)
  3. Easels for displaying art and also for classroom use
  4. Gift cards for art supplies (to Columbia Art Supply, Utrecht, Dick Blick, Michael's, I've Been Framed, etc.)
  5. iTunes gift cards
  6. 6’-8’ folding tables

For the Music program:

  1. Drum kit (stool, snare, hi hat, kick, ride cymbal, and two floor toms, set of brushes and sticks)
  2. Hoberman sphere
  3. A conga drum with stand
  4. Ukulele
  5. 2 iPad music stand clips (Need 6-8) (Example)
  6. (2) Cinematic projector screen (Example)
  7. (6) Dry erase music staff sheets (Example)